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Flash :: FLVPlayback Video Smoothing

threeword 2010. 3. 30. 15:13


Earlier this week I posted an entry about activating smoothing for plain Video objects in Flash 6 or later, and stated that there was no way to apply this to the newer video playback components. Well, I was wrong.


Andrew Wason from Motionbox Inc. sent me the following workaround, which allows you to activate video smoothing for FLVPlayback components

(in this case the instance FLVPlayer):


MovieClip(FLVPlayer.getVideoPlayer(FLVPlayer.activeVideoPlayerIndex))._video.smoothing = true;


By converting the component video player’s data type to a MovieClip, you get around the video player’s access control and can directly access its video object. This way you can then change its smoothing parameter